Sunday, July 27, 2014


Here goes nothing.  I'm starting a blog.  Along with the rest of the planet who has a blog already.  I'm starting it as a way to catalog and record my completed projects and adventures in sewing and quilting.  There will also be some of my regular, old, boring life tossed in. I'm forcing myself to do this to tie it in with the Etsy store I'm also forcing myself to open.  I love quilting.  I love sewing.  I just never have enough time to do either.  So I'm making myself give it a go, find time and get some things out in the world for sale.

Drunk after a friend's wedding, but I kinda like this pic of us.  :-)
A bit about me.  I'm married to a lovely guy named David (5 years this past March).  We live in Central Connecticut in an old Colonial that was built in 1919 - so housework and projects always on our "to do" list.  We have quite a few furry creatures living here with us - specifically 6 cats and 2 rabbits.  They are all rescues and together form a motley crew - two cats have only one eye, one rabbit has three legs and three of our cats are frightened and high strung to the point where I think they are semi-feral.  We love animals and gravitate towards the pathetic, I guess.  My blog and my Etsy store are both named after my obsession with these creatures.

Bunny - 4-legged variety named Sophie
Zoey, but never called that.  Often referred to as Zhuuzh or Bouf.  Don't ask.
My shadow, Pearl.
During the day, I work as a Director at a company in the Market Research field.  I work long hours and I'm almost never not "plugged in" to some degree.  I like my job, but it can be really challenging and stressful.  So, I won't be writing about it here.  :-)  David (unhappily) works in the medical field as a technologist, and while his hours are more normal, it's high stress work.  We have a dream to move to Maine and live near the beach or on a lake.  Maybe this will happen when we retire.  Maybe we will make it happen sooner.  For now, we are chugging through life, trying to add in some fun wherever we can.

David and I both vowed to start blogs in 2014.  I hate New Year's Resolutions.  Mostly cause that means I'm guaranteed NOT to do whatever it was during the year.  But we are both holding ourselves to this one...albeit in the mid-summer of 2014...  Still counts!  He is blogging over at if you happen to be into the metal music scene and want to check it out.

As I mentioned, I'll be chronicling my sewing projects and progress.  I'll also toss in some of my daily life and non-sewing activities that seem important enough to bother writing about.  I have a twisted, inappropriate sense of humor and have been known to say things I shouldn't.  That's just me, I guess.  So, if you are sensitive or PC, probably not the place for you.  :-)  If you are still here, I hope you enjoy my little experiment!  Welcome!