Friday, October 10, 2014

Some News

I sadly haven't been sewing.  In September, all I managed was wrapping up the very end of a commissioned quilt, plus 4 small wristlets for an upcoming fundraiser auction for The Hop-A-Long Hollow Rabbit Rescue.  The only thing I've made so far in October is this single, lonely block for the Southern CT MQG October Block Challenge:

Lonely Block
I have a good excuse at least...


Baby - Niblet arms, niblet legs.
Yup, it's true!  We'll be welcoming a little bundle of joy sometime in April 2015 if all goes according to plan!

I'm pretty sad that my sewing and quilting has taken a hit.  I can hardly stay awake during the hours I'm at home.  I get home from work, try to force down some dinner and then fall asleep.  Nearly every night.  Like clockwork.  This is extremely odd for me since I'm a night owl.  And it would be fine if I could then get up at some nice early hour, but no - I still can't wake up.  I have no desire to play with fabric right now.  :-(  I'm hoping my 2nd trimester wind starts to kick in soon!

I'm sure I'll be inspired when we find out the gender in late November.  I'll want to sew lots of stuffs for this little niblet.  I really want to make all of the items for the nursery, plus some clothes and other baby goodies.

Until then, you can find me napping on the couch.


  1. Yay!! What wonderful news! So exciting! Isn't it crazy how tiered you feel during that first trimester? It is like someone is constantly slipping sleeping pills in everything you eat. When you enter the second trimester it is such a relief. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks Bernie! I'm week 14 on Monday, so that 2nd trimester wind better kick in soon. :-) I still owe you feedback on your blog! I've been reading and enjoying it - hopefully I'll have the energy to type you up some feedback soon (and put your feedback into place on mine.). :-)